Entry points

A reporter for the Guardian US – she calls herself “senior reporter” but the Guardian itself just calls her a reporter, as far as I can see. At any rate it would be good if she had some kind of grip on reality.

That’s just a fucking stupid, uninformed thing to say. We know she’s talking about the radical feminists, not actual far-right street brawlers. She’s talking about Bindel and Stock and Rowling and the rest – feminist women who are about as far from fascist as it’s possible to get.

Her “cause” is frivolous and childish at best – the cause of forcing the world to agree that men get to define themselves as women and force everyone else to agree. In other words it’s a giant game of Let’s Pretend, transferred from the living room floor to the entire world. It’s trivial as well as wrong and stupid. How to make it sound important and serious? I know! Call disagreement the entry to fascism! That’ll do it!

Mostly Cloudy just drew our attention to another one.

We’re not Nazis, we’re not fascists, we’re not the narrow road to fascism, we’re mostly-lefty feminist women. Women’s rights matter, men’s games of let’s pretend don’t.

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