Erase the wicked woman

Filia in January 2021:

After a frustratingly painful year of violence against women, it seems only fitting that we draw attention to an activist whose relentless dedication to feminist action has made waves across the internet, resonating with women all over the globe.

Agence France Presse reported 116 femicides in France during 2019; however, this number is disputed by Femicides by Companions or Ex, an advocacy group who argue that the figure is closer to 138: an average of one woman murdered every three days. Marguerite responded by catalysing a movement of guerilla-style street art entitled Collages Féminicides, for which she installed white collages featuring condensed but powerful messages written in black lettering on the streets of Marseilles and Paris,  the first of which was installed to honour Julie Douib, a woman murdered in March 2019 by her ex-spouse. Since then, collages have been appearing everywhere, including London.

Marguerite is a controversial figure even in feminist movements, having been excluded from posting via the Paris chapter of Collages Féminicides on Instagram following a series of tweets she made discussing her opinion that transactivism is taking up too much space within feminism, admitting that she has experienced threats for expressing such sentiments. 

Fast-forward to today:


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