Former ambassador comes out as a dimwitted bully

So now I’m exploring further the dimness and hostility to women of this Craig Murray fella and it’s astonishing. He comes across as weirdly clueless, even childish. He’s a former ambassador? To where, his local park?

Like that, for instance. It’s childishly stupid. (No offense to children intended. We’re all stupid as children, because of being children.) Even if all the women at that lunch have expensive phones, that doesn’t make it ok to abuse them on social media. He seems to be saying that women who have expensive phones should be abused on social media, because they deserve it.

There again – he sounds like an angry teenager. Puddle of piss yourself ya big bully.

The hell he has. See above.

Oh, well then. He doesn’t like these two women to be lionised therefore it’s fine for him to join the chorus hurling abuse at them. What is he, six? Even Owen Jones isn’t this childish, and Owen Jones isn’t a former ambassador. (To his local Tesco was it?)

What a complete goon. Ambassador to his favorite pub it must have been.

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