“Gender-affirming care”

The ACLU might be right about this.

It might be, but it might not.

It’s not a slam-dunk that it’s right though. It’s not just obvious that it’s right to allow and even encourage teenagers to do irreversible things to their bodies because they believe there’s a mismatch between their bodies and what sex they are. It’s not just obvious that it’s better to let a teenager take puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones years before her or his prefrontal cortex has matured. It’s not just obvious that this should be called “gender-affirming” as opposed to “reckless endangerment.”

The ACLU doesn’t know that this belief in a gendered soul is going to become universal knowledge. The ACLU doesn’t know it’s not a fashion as opposed to a new true belief that no one knew until ten or twenty years ago. The ACLU is not a set of psychologists or endocrinologists, it’s a civil liberties campaign group that’s going all-in on a novel and bizarre belief about inner selves at odds with the bodies they live in. The ACLU is setting fire to its own work.

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