Guest post: Avoid the poopy-heads

Originally a comment by iknklast on A protean concept.

DiAngelo is following the pattern of other consultants. In corporations, and in academia, it has been a pattern for a long time to hire consultants who tell people if they are unhappy, it’s because they “let” themselves be. Not making enough to buy food for your family? Just think positively! It isn’t the fault of the boss, or the system, but you for finding that problematic.

Bosses ate it up, and hired these consultants to come tell their employees what was wrong with them – the employees, I mean. Wage too low? Don’t ask for a raise, that’s complaining. Figure out why you think it’s too low, and realize it is you making it too low, not your boss, not the system, not the fact that food and gas prices have increased.

I have sat through dozens of these. It’s infuriating. Don’t get at the root of the problem, just make people uncomfortable about being part of the problem. As one speaker put it, just don’t hang around with “poopy people”. First, I can’t believe anyone would hire a consultant to use kindergarten language to university faculty. Second, that would mean I couldn’t hang around with myself, since I would fit her definition of “poopy people” – anyone who thinks something in the system is broken and should be fixed.

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