Guest post: Until the next idiotic thing comes along

Originally a comment by iknklast on Ask the consultants.

From my experience, most of what they teach us in teacher training is just someone getting a bee in their bonnet and producing idiotic materials that schools eat up…for awhile, until the next idiotic thing comes along and they move to that. I have been “trained” in what color I am (not in the terms of white/black, but in terms of what color of personality – they said I am a green), what sort of shoe I am, what my Myers-Briggs is, and something I can’t remember the name of that was peddled as being “actually scientific”…and it wasn’t.

Then there is the yearly training on Title IX, most of which is now taken up by LGBTQ – with an emphasis on the T. Antiracism training that perpetuates stereotypes. Anti-sexism training which focuses not on sexism at all, but sexual assault. Important, yes, but it misses the underlying problem that causes it! Now, of course, we have to recognize that men are assaulted, too, so they manage to alternate stories about young women being assaulted with stories about young men who are being propositioned by their instructors Yes, it happens. But it isn’t the more common situation, and they have minimized the real problem for the problem the MRAs want then to focus on. Now we also have training on diversity, which can be anything, but seems to again be focused on the T.

It’s all a grand scam; companies have found ways to make money “training” teachers, and schools have thrown the money at them, money that could be used much more effectively by actually promoting real professional development instead of noisy quackery.

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