Guest post: If it’s fair

Originally a comment by Sastra on Far from being deprived of a chance.

As far as I know, when black athletes were allowed in the mainstream sports teams & leagues, the argument was about fairness and wasn’t followed up with “it won’t be that many and they won’t be that good.” When gay marriage passed into law nobody was reassuring people to “relax, there won’t be a lot of same-sex marriages.” That’s because if it’s fair, it shouldn’t make a difference whether there are a lot of them or whether they win all the prizes or not.

And since they’re now arguing that it’s “fair” to let trans-identified males into women’s sports, I give absolutely no weight to the argument “it’s fair because there aren’t that many and they’re not that good.” BS. If every women’s sport team were 90% male and 90% of the records were held by the trans-identified, there’d be no “oops, we were wrong, let’s fix this.” If a TRA isn’t prepared to celebrate that and raise their chin with a so-what attitude, then they’re showing they don’t believe TWAW and didn’t believe it before, either. The depths of their not caring about “Cis” females cannot be overestimated.

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