Guest post: Now that the words have been taken away

Originally a comment by Artymorty on Culture wars in a blender.

There’s something about all this ostentatious word-swapping that gives up the game, that exposes the distinction between the reality which transactivists can see just as clearly as we can, and the performance that they put on. The words are so jumbled at this point: if the words “transgender female” are just as likely to refer to someone like Eliot Page (a female who identifies as a man) as they are to Eddie Izzard (a male who, at least some of the time, identifies as a woman), the activists end up having to fall back on their senses to make out which is which: they look at an image of the person or they suss out from context clues what sex the person is. It’s always there: the fact of a trans person’s true sex needs to be known in order to correctly perform the collusion in the trans person’s fiction.

And now that the words have been taken away, it just emphasizes how easily we can all tell — trans activists just as much as the rest of us — what someone’s true sex is, usually just by looking at them.

I imagine a scenario with a police lineup: four men and one rather masculine-presenting woman are lined up for a witness to identify.

Cop asks the witness, “Is one of these five men the person who robbed you?”

Witness says, “Wait a minute. I see four men and a woman.”

Cop points directly to the woman and says, “No! She’s a man!”

Witness replies, “Well then how did you know which one I was referring to?”

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