Guest post: This big pink and blue cudgel

Originally a comment by Your Name’s not Bruce? on Claiming to believe.

It’s the choice to believe this, coupled with the smug, arrogant forcing of that belief on others that is so bafflingly infuriating. Creasy wouldn’t be so condescendingly flippant if she wasn’t backed up by a virtual army (and actual police forces) ready, willing, and able to punish wrongthink. Fortunately, more and more people are willing to speak out against this insanity. Sometimes just repeating what transactivists say (i.e. Ricky Gervais) is enough to show just how insane the “required” beliefs and compelled speech are.

To the extent that trans activism has operated behind the scenes to influence laws and regulations outside the bounds of open, democratic debate, it really is an “elite” movement. It really is a conspiracy. And, it might just be the reaction of the great, “unwashed masses” of people outside the rarified, indoctrinated bubble of social media that helps to turn this around.

I’ve hated the fact that some on the Left have handed the Right this big pink and blue cudgel with which to beat us. While branding any disagreement or criticism as fascist bigotry, they are helping actual fascist bigots. I’ve hated the fact that media outlets have destroyed their credibility in the course of pandering to gender ideology. Their dishonest reporting on the everything from TiMs in women’s sports, male rapists “identifying” their way into women’s prisons, and the gutting of single sex spaces for women represents actual, unironic, no scare-quotes fake news. And all of this in the midst of an accelerating climate disaster, an ongoing pandemic, and a war in Europe. Bravo, you stupid, selfish assholes. (Slow clap). They should all be ashamed of themselves. Perhaps, someday, some of them will be.

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