Claiming to believe

Jo Bartosch on Stella Creasy’s confused ramblings of the past few days:

[I]n an interview for the Telegraph on Friday, Creasy made her contempt for women’s rights campaigners clear. She claimed to believe that ‘some women were born with penises’ and that ‘a trans woman is an adult human female’. In the interview she complained about being a victim of sexism while feigning frustration and bemusement that some women, like JK Rowling, continue to hold on to the belief that biological sex matters.

Funny thing: it’s actually sexist to express frustration that Rowling, or any woman, continues to be aware that biological sex matters.

At this point, Creasy had two choices: she could eat a slice of humble pie and slink off to do some learning, or she could persist and await the inevitable serving of her own bruised arse. Predictably, she chose the latter and what followed was a less-than-edifying online temper tantrum, during which she tried to cast those asking legitimate questions as Twitter trolls.

But wait, it got even worse! There was the part about saying she’d spoken to all the women’s groups, and the women’s groups saying no she hadn’t, nope, no, not us, no, never met her.

She has nowhere left to go but clown shoes.

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