Wrong token

What kind of difference though?

The Crown Prosecution Service seems like a branch of government that should be particularly unpolitical. Sophie Cook is a man who identifies as a woman.

That sounds benign, but male trans activists tend to have a particular idea of EDI – equality, diversity, inclusion – that is very far from unpolitical…or uncontroversial or uninsulting to women. In other words I think putting a man who calls himself a woman in charge of helping to embed EDI at the Crown Prosecution Service is a punch in the face to women.

Women aren’t included yet. Women don’t have equality yet. Why put a man in this job rather than a woman? Why, especially, put a man who pretends to be a woman in this job? It’s a double insult – passing over women in the usual way, and then giving the job to a pretend-woman who is in thrall to an ideology that treats women like a costume? Why not give the job to, say, Allison Bailey instead?

Updating to add what I didn’t notice – he has replies turned off. Yay, Speak Out Champion, helping with incloosion and diversitee, and doesn’t want to hear from the peasantry.

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