Guest post: Trans clothes ARE clothes

Originally a Facebook post/Miscellany post by Bjarte Foshaug:

There is an expression in my mother tongue that translates as “Adam’s clothes” – or, alternatively, “Eve’s clothes” – and is commonly understood to denote the absence of any physical garments. This appears to be conclusive scientific* proof that the very first humans** were in fact trans-dressed and what they were wearing was widely accepted as a legitimate kind of clothing from the very beginning. The white, Western idea that wearing “clothes” – or being fully “dressed” – has anything to do with vulgar physical fabrics is a recent cultural invention and inextricably linked to cultural imperialism, Western hegemony and white supremacy, i.e. the stereotypical “dressed” person is not just imagined to be cis-dressed (i.e. covered in garments), but also white, Christian and middle-class. This whole weird fixation on physical fabrics is also kind of obscene, not to mention creepy as hell, to be honest.

It is disheartening to see such a stunning and brave performance by our first ever openly trans-dressed emperor be met by yet more bigotry, hatred, and literal violence against one of the most vulnerable and oppressed minorities in our society. There’s a direct path from denying the very existence of trans-dressed individuals through statements like “The emperor is naked!” to rounding them up by the millions and sending them to the gas chamber. Their blood is literally on this child’s hands, and we need to remind everyone of this ugly truth whenever the brat opens its mouth for the rest of its life.

* Pseudoscience is science! It’s in the name!

** Those who argue that Adam and Eve were not historical figures only provide further proof (as if any were needed!) of their cis-historical bigotry. Being an historical figure was never about crude, physical existence!

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