He has no problem if

Men telling women what they will allow us to think. Quite the spectacle.

That “provided.” He’ll allow it, provided we do what he tells us. He’ll allow us to be aware of reality, provided we obey him. All we have to do is ignore everything we know about men’s physical advantages over women and what some men do with those physical advantages.

Also in what world is anyone “entitled” to be treated as something they manifestly are not? That’s not a rule. It’s never been a rule. Adults often go along with children’s fantasies and playacting because that’s fun for everyone, but there comes a time to put away childish things. If a work colleague bounces in one day and claims to be Barack Obama is anyone obliged to “treat the colleague as” Barack Obama? Of course not. You could swap as many terms for “Barack Obama” as there are nouns in the language, and the answer would be the same. Nobody is “entitled” to force other people to participate in fantasy role play.

Also it’s not a matter of “wishing” to have a “belief” that people are what they are. We don’t “wish” to have it, we just have it, and it’s not a “belief,” it’s awareness. We can’t help being aware of what we’re aware of. If we’re outside at midnight and it’s cold and raining we’re aware of it; we can’t make it be noon and warm and sunny by “wishing.”

In short Craig Murray is a pompous bossy git.

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