If they feel unsafe

Mermaids is telling men to call the police if they’re not allowed into women’s spaces.

Transgender women should call 999 if they feel unsafe through a request to leave a women-only lavatory, Britain’s largest child transgender charity has said.

Men don’t feel “unsafe” in women’s toilets. That’s not a thing. Women feel unsafe with men there, but men don’t. See: human anatomy, passim.

The EHRC ruled last month that trans women, who are born as males, can be excluded from female-only spaces if there is a legitimate reason such as protecting privacy and dignity.

Well we can’t have that, can we. We are mermaids, with tails instead of genitals, so we get to defy the rules and call the police for backup. We don’t give a fuck what women want or need. Women aren’t mermaids.

But Mermaids has become the latest lobby group to issue its own guidance in response, saying it is “not happy” with the regulator’s approach “because we feel it is not inclusive enough of trans people”.

Therefore we will tell men to keep right on bullying and terrorizing women. We are mermaids.

The first tip, branded “grossly irresponsible” by lawyers, stated: “If you are at risk of harm, try and get somewhere safe and call someone you trust, or the emergency services if you feel comfortable in doing so on 999.”

Grossly irresponsible and also grossly insulting and offensive in the way it flips the realities of who is in danger from whom. Men aren’t “at risk of harm” from women. The risk flows the other way, and Mermaids is pretending not to know this and pretending that women are the aggressors here. It’s absolutely nauseating.

Amanda Jones, a barrister specialising in equality law at Great James Street chambers, told The Telegraph: “If an organisation is lawfully providing single-sex facilities, refusing to leave would certainly be a problem. The provider would be entitled to use security or call the police.”

Naomi Cunningham, a discrimination law barrister, added that “the advice to call 999 is grossly irresponsible”.

“Being entitled not to suffer discrimination on grounds of gender reassignment is not the same thing as being entitled to be treated as the opposite sex,” she said.

Why not? Because gender reassignment is not the same thing as being the opposite sex.

Men who identify as trans really need to get a grip on this.

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