More mud

Ideologue Ben Hunte has a bad stupid mindless hit piece on the EHRC in Vice.

Employees are quitting Britain’s equalities and human rights watchdog because they say it has become “transphobic” and “the enemy of human rights”, VICE World News has learned. 

Three whistleblowers – still working at the EHRC – told VICE World News about an “anti-LGBT” culture being adopted by senior leaders at the organisation which is compelling non-executive staff to quit. 

But of course they don’t actually mean “LGBT” – they mean T.

This comes as VICE World News obtained leaked emails and documents showing leaders at the EHRC being actively involved in removing rights from trans people in the courts, as well as holding meetings with “gender critical” groups. 

That of course is classic trans “activism” – shouting about “rights” without ever spelling out what rights they mean. The EHRC is not removing rights from trans people.

An employee who recently left said: “When I started in 2018, we were all celebrating LGBT rights and the EHRC was pushing to make the UK better for LGBT people. It’s like working for a different organisation now.”

There it is again. It’s not about LGBT rights, it’s about claimed trans rights, which aren’t genuine rights at all. There is no “right” to force people to treat you as if you were a woman when you are in fact a man.

One former employee told the credulous Hunte:

“Staff are being pushed to not be so ‘woke’, and forced to be more impartial, but then we’re seeing statements from our leaders that are transphobic, or racist, and incredibly damaging.”

I bet they’re not seeing any such thing. I bet they’re seeing statements they don’t like, which they are calling “transphobic”…and “racist” for good measure, as they so often do.

The EHRC was established in 2007 by the then Labour government to monitor human rights in England, Wales and Scotland, and to enforce equality laws based on protected characteristics, such as sexuality, gender reassignment, race and religion.

But not sex? Trans women are protected but women are not? Or is that just Ben Hunte’s omission, not the EHRC’s?

Another former employee – who left at the end of 2021 – told VICE World News that Falkner had personally changed EHRC publications about trans people, making the documents more critical of gender identity, and actively going against the organisation’s own guidance to protect people’s rights based on gender reassignment

But what are those rights? If they’re not spelled out, we don’t know if they can be rights or not. No doubt that’s why they’re not spelled out.

Jo Maugham, director of the Good Law Project campaign group, said: “Under the EHRC human rights have turned 180 degrees. No longer are they protection for minorities against populist sentiment. Now they are mechanics which turn that sentiment – and the hostility of Ministers – into policy.”

Ah yes good old Jo Maugham, almost as reliably partisan as Ben Hunte.

Then we get a quote from Mermaids.

Impeccable journalism.

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