Not lightning but taunting

About that race that “Emily” Bridges “won” –

May be an image of text that says '02-UK 10:42 Lightning Category This category is for Cis women Non-binary people whose physical performance aligns with cis-women Trans men and women whose physical performance aligns most closely with CIS- women Notes Cis-people cannot choose their racing category Cis men will race in the Thunder category, cis-women will race in the Lightning category. We recognise that this new format may be confusing, so you're not sure please email us ( will be very happy to help you choose the right category We may also contact riders to double check that they have and we'

In what sense does “Emily” Bridges’s physical performance “align most closely” with women? Why do both trans men and trans women compete in the women’s category?

Also interesting that “cis people cannot choose their racing category.” It should have a “nyah nyah nyah” after it for the full effect.

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