Over a trans paedophile

The Telegraph reports on the Twitter quarrel between Sussex Police and uppity women:

Sussex Police has been criticised for saying it did not tolerate “hateful comments” to a member of the public who expressed gender critical views over a trans paedophile.

The force tweeted that Sally Ann Dixon, 58, had been jailed for 20 years for sexually abusing children in a seaside caravan.

Her trial heard that she was living as a man when she carried out a campaign of offending against two boys and five girls.

His. He. His trial, he was “living as” a man, when he carried out a campaign. This is a man’s crime. News outlets should not be obscuring this fact by referring to rapey men as “she.”

The force was criticised when it responded to [a woman’s] message saying: “Hi, Sussex Police do not tolerate any hateful comments towards their gender identity regardless of crimes committed. This is irrelevant to the crime that has been committed and investigated.”

When the Twitter user @Weatherwax6655 said she was “exercising my gender critical views, which are protected in law. Can you advise whether making such statements is a crime?”, the force added: “If you have gender critical views you wish to express this can be done on other platforms or your own page, not targeted at an individual.”

Which is nonsensical. We can express our views to the police on social media, too.

It’s not clear if “targeted at an individual” is supposed to mean the child molester or the Sussex Police staffer who runs the Twitter account, but either way it’s ludicrous. Yes we can point out that the child molester is a man and that Sussex Police can’t force us to lie about his sex. Yes we can.

Telegraph columnist Nick Timothy added: “This thread is incredible. Sussex Police first threatening a member of the public for misgendering a serial paedophile, now doubling down and insisting that airing gender critical beliefs must not be expressed on this platform.”

He’s not wrong.

Dixon was given consecutive nine-year custodial sentences with two one-year extended licences, and will serve at least 12 years in custody before becoming eligible for parole.

Dixon, who did not have a gender recognition certificate, will serve 20 years in a women’s prison for crimes between 1989 and 1996. The certificate is required for trans people to change their birth certificate.

Sure, that’s fine. Dump him on the women. Nobody cares what happens to women. Stupid bitches.

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