Poking with a stick

Intersectional beyond the call of duty.

It’s “ironic” of course, which is to say it’s annoying on purpose rather than by accident, but it’s genuinely annoying all the same. In fact by rights annoying on purpose should be more annoying rather than less.

That “y’all” for one thing is extremely grating. The ironist is at Macquarie University in Sydney; “y’all” is not Australian argot. The ironist is not from the Southern US, much less a descendant of enslaved people.

But the “setting homework” is even more annoying.

And then the content of the “homework” is level 3 annoying. No, I won’t know that; no, I won’t mean that. No.

Who is Sandy O’Sullivan? A Fine Art PhD with a nice line in bullshit.

Sandy is a Wiradjuri transgender/non-binary person. 

They are a 2020-2024 ARC Future Fellow, with a project titled Saving Lives: Mapping the influence of Indigenous LGBTIQ+ creative artists. The project will explore the unique contribution and influence of queer artists to understand how modelling complex identities contributes to the wellbeing of all First Nations’ peoples. 

Since 1991 they have taught and researched across gender and sexuality, museums, the body, performance, design and First Nations’ identity. Sandy was the inaugural director of the Centre for Collaborative First Nations’ Research at Batchelor Institute in the Northern Territory…

I have to wonder how Wiradjuri Sandy really is though. I realize it’s taboo to question that kind of thing, but isn’t it also taboo to imply or hint or pretend that you’re more first nations or indigenous than you really are? Especially when it looks as if you’re doing it for academic glory?

I’m not as bossy as Sandy though. This isn’t homework; you don’t have to answer the questions.

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