Neener neener says academic

Via chainring, more bullying nonsense from the gruesome narcissist Sandy O’Sullivan:

An Australian professor recently said that he ‘misgenders’ students when they choose not to use a preferred pronoun in class. 

There’s no such thing as a “preferred pronoun,” in class or anywhere else. It’s an idiotic concept. People can’t swap sex, and issuing commands on “preferred pronouns” isn’t going to change that. People can pretend to swap sex in some circumstances, mostly personal and private, but they can’t force anyone else to play along. They don’t get to change the language for everyone to humor their stupid childish insistence on playing let’s pretend 24/7 in all company.

“I do suggest if you’re teaching online, you ask students to put their pronouns next to their name. Some students, like some staff, don’t want to,” Sandy O’Sullivan tweeted Jan. 9. “Fair enough, I advise students that if they don’t, I’ll just use they/them or their name.”

See Dusty O’Rourke age 6, who calls his sister poopyhead at the dinner table over and over again until he gets sent to his room without dessert.

This is a grown-ass adult, an academic, and here he is bullying students with “play my childish game or I’ll call you ‘them’.” Not his job. His job is to teach them, not force them to play his fatuous word games.

New York University explains on its website that, “Using the wrong pronouns for a person. Misgendering someone can be done intentionally or unintentionally, and it can have a long-lasting harmful impact.”

No it can’t. Also, there’s no such thing.

I’m beyond bored with people like O’Sullivan trying to force everyone to be as childish as they are – “they” meaning people like O’Sullivan; it’s an authentic plural.

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