Near Savile Row

The title is a story all by itself.

Laurie Penny drops a bomb on The Critic magazine in pronoun row

Pronoun row? Next up: all out nuclear conjunction exchange.

AUTHOR Laurie Penny has criticised Right-wing magazine The Critic as “rude and childish” for failing to use their preferred pronouns.

First sentence, and already we see why pronouns should be accurate as opposed to Crafted to Your Personal Taste. Whose preferred pronouns – the magazine’s? Laurie Penny’s? It’s not clear. That can happen anyway, when there is more than one she or he or they, but using the accurate ones at least keeps those ambiguities to a minimum. Using luxury pronouns does the opposite, with a vengeance.

And then of course there’s “rude and childish.” Which is more rude and childish, The Critic’s use of standard pronouns or Penny’s demand that she get special customized ones that will make the article more irritating to read?

Julie Bindel used the accurate ones, the article goes on, and that just wouldn’t do.

Penny’s publishers Bloomsbury asked that Penny be referred to as “them/ they”. The Critic refused to make the change, instead adding a reference to the request at the foot of the review.

Bloomsbury shouldn’t have asked. Language can’t be customized for individuals in this way without rapidly ceasing to be comprehensible. The whole point of language is to communicate, and specialty pronouns are just roadblocks to that project. Plus it’s all just so narcissistic and self-indulgent and stupid. See Laurie, see Laurie get free publicity by “dropping bombs” over her childish “my pronoun” demands.

Penny told us: “It’s rude, and it’s childish…”

No, what’s rude and childish is to expect special language rules for oneself. That’s rude and childish.

“They want to think of themselves as cool and edgy… it would be nice to see them engage with the actual arguments I’m making.”

Then stop bleating about your stupid pronouns!

If she really wants us to engage with her arguments then she’s a complete fool for distracting everyone with outrage that we don’t call her “they.”

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