The Beeb reports on the suffragette scarf exclusion zone:

The Scottish Parliament’s presiding officer has apologised after a woman was ejected from a committee meeting for refusing to remove a scarf in suffragette colours.

The woman was asked to leave a session of the equalities committee, which was discussing proposed reforms to Scotland’s gender recognition laws.

Sorry sorry sorry it was all a mistake. We haven’t yet made it illegal to mention the suffrage campaign.

The colours have been associated with the suffragette movement, which campaigned for women to be given the right to vote in the early 20th century. More recently, they have also become associated with those opposed to changes to gender recognition laws.

You mean those opposed to the total displacement and erasure of women.

SNP MP Joanna Chery – a vocal critic of the gender reforms –¬†tweeted¬†that the removal of the woman was a “disgraceful episode for Scottish democracy”, adding: “This is not the Scotland I entered politics to promote.

“It’s completely out of step with what the suffragettes fought for, the spirit of the enlightenment and indeed the founding principles of the Scottish Parliament”.

They’ll know better next time. They’ll prevent such women from getting in the door.

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