Scotland goes full magic gender:

A Holyrood committee tasked with scrutinising the Scottish government’s gender recognition reform bill has given its support to the key principles for simplifying how transgender people can update their birth certificates – including the introduction of self-declaration.

Great. Let’s introduce self-declaration for everything. I’m Bill Gates, so give me the contents of his bank account.

Thursday’s report by Holyrood’s equalities, human rights and civil justice committee recommends, by a majority of five to two, the move to statutory self-declaration before the registrar general for legal gender recognition, thus removing the need for a psychiatric diagnosis of gender dysphoria.

It also supports reducing the age at which people can apply for a gender recognition certificate (GRC) from 18 to 16, in line with wider Scots law on legal capacity, as well as reducing the time someone must have been permanently living in their gender before they can apply, from two years to three months.

That’s funny because living in a place for three months isn’t generally considered permanently living there; it’s considered pretty damn temporary. Having a job for three months isn’t permanent. Having a university library card for three months isn’t permanent. It’s pretty bizarre to consider “living in their gender” for three months “permanent.” But the whole thing is bizarre so the details might as well be.

The Gender recognition reform bill is supported by every party in Holyrood bar the Scottish Conservatives, but has been fiercely contested by some groups who argue it will fundamentally alter who can access women-only services, and believe they have not been adequately consulted.

Yeah, like women. Remember us? We used to be a thing, kind of, but now we’re just those dreary last-year actual women who are so inferior to the new flashy fake kind with a penis under the skirt.

As several hundred protesters gathered outside the Holyrood parliament building to demonstrate against the plans on Thursday morning, JK Rowling – an opponent of self-declaration – posted a photograph of herself on Twitter wearing a T-shirt reading: “Nicola Sturgeon destroyer of women’s rights” and declared her solidarity with them.

She did.

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