All the usual seductive shit

Shambolic Neutral on The Divine Trans/The Trans Divine:

“Transpeople are sacred. We are the divine”. If that’s not cult-speak then I do not know what is. Some of us have been saying gender ideology is the new religion for over a decade. Finally, it clearly feels secure enough to make it blatant.

Or at least the branch of it that hangs out at the Globe does.

In a way of course that makes sense – it’s what drama and acting are all about. You could get up on a stage and say “drama is the divine” and I would see it quite differently. It would be a metaphor as opposed to a lunatic boast. There is something magical (metaphorically of course) about theater, about plays and acting and movies and tv dramas. The best of it can change you.

But substitute “trans people” for “drama” and we’re in a different country altogether.

In the fervent, overexcited voice of a cult leader addressing a fresh intake of acolytes, actor Isobel Thom – also non-binary, also using a terrible haircut to indicate that she is super progressive and has liberated herself from the shackles of patriarchy and is no longer a woman yadda yadda yadda because of course nothing says escaping the shackles of patriarchy like thinking womanhood is something to escape to become a real person – talks about how being trans is sacred and divine, full of multiplicity and creativity and all the usual seductive shit designed to make young people desperate to feel special and different and cool feel special and different and cool.

It always makes me laugh to remember that for a time when I was a young people, 15 or 16, I spent a few weeks being special and cool by being as nerdy as possible to annoy my classmates. What did I do? I wore ankle socks. It worked, too; they remonstrated with me. It’s not Wordsworth and the French Revolution, but it amuses me.

A year or so later I wore bangs (a fringe in UK-speak) when the fashion was all for long straight hair parted in the middle, no bangs. Divine, yeah?

The Globe has now deleted their tweets, after getting ratio-ed so hard that it could practically send them back in time to get a bollocking off the very real Jeanne d’Arc. It also deleted this stupendous (and I don’t mean that in a good way) poem, which was written by an actual adult and not a moody 14-year-old who’s just been sent to their room without pudding for being rude to their mum at the dinner table.

Again, it’s more of the same. Trans is beauty, trans is special, trans is no-one understands me… and then finding someone who will understand you and encourage you to be as transgressive and broken and boundary-less as possible. All of it, all of this shit, is just the sly, seductive, come hither of groomers. That’s all it is.

And it’s so dangerous. Curry has a YouTube video entitled I Cut My Nipples Off Today. Jesus Christ. That’s not normal, sane or healthy. That’s not what someone who is revelling in their own power, truth and beauty does. That’s not someone who is making others jealous does. That’s not what anyone does! That’s the behaviour of a deeply troubled or deeply depraved or deeply both individual, and either way, they should not be being encouraged to influence young people and encouraged by establishments like The Globe.

What next, videos titled I Poked My Eyes Out Today? I Got My Feet Amputated Today? I Severed My Spinal Cord Today?

Thinking you are divine and sacred is not a good thing. And it is not true or possible. You are just a person, same as everyone else. You have a sex, which cannot change. You get one life. This is all there is. Instead of trying to hide from reality by teaching children magical thinking, we need to teach them how to cope.

So sorry, you are not divine or sacred. No-one is. You’re normal. There is nothing wrong with your body the way it is. Coping comes from accepting reality. Welcome to the adult world, kids.

Welcome to the adult world and keep your bits, you’re going to need them.

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