Some actual exclusion

A Holyrood equalities committee is discussing reform of the Gender Recognition Act while refusing to talk to women. It’s talking about giving away women’s rights while barring women from their talk. How do they justify this to themselves?

A former Olympic athlete turned politician has slammed Holyrood’s equalities committee, describing its scrutiny of a bill to reform the Gender Recognition Act as a “sham” after it refused to hear from female atheletes concened about the impact of legislation on women’s sport.

Brian Whittle, a gold medallist in the 4x400m relay at the 1986 and 1994 European championships, and a competitor at the Seoul Olympics in 1988, said the committee was only inviting people “who give the answers they want to hear”.

He was speaking after a press conference held by Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies and marathon runner Mara Yamauchi. The pair hosted the conference along with Fair Play for Women and For Women Scotland, in an Edinburgh hotel after their requests to address the equalities committee directly were turned down.

So much for equalities. “Equalities, but not for you.”

Despite the contested nature of the bill, committee members have said they are satisfied with the evidence of two men, Malcolm Dingwall-Smith, Strategic Partnerships Manager at sportscotland, and Hugh Torrence, executive director of LEAP Sports Scotland, both of whom told the committee reforming the GRA does not impact significantly on sport.

Easy for them to say.

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