Scary guy

Great god almighty.

He’s “always been drawn to things that are deeply impactful” – like mutilating children’s genitals.

“We try to live with our values thirty to forty years in the future,” he says. “So and that puts us in a mindset of extreme affirmation cuz affirmation at that time is a foregone conclusion.”

Does he then explain how he knows that? No, of course not, he just assumes that he somehow has a magical ability to know that in 30 or 40 years everyone will think it’s fine to carve up and drug children to make them resemble the opposite sex. Not a word about how the emergencies of global warming will by then be making surgical “affirmation” a hobby of interest to absolutely no one.

In the future, he blithely tells us, “gender is just a thing, nobody makes a big deal out of it, children and adolescents are being screened for their gender journey.”

Guy’s a nightmare. Listen to the whole thing.

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