Scotland’s first Period Dignity Officer

Scotland is drunk.

Obviously men know more about periods than women do.

Dundee man and former personal trainer Jason Grant is the newly appointed period dignity officer for the Tay region – who has the task of promoting access to free sanitary products across schools and colleges – where he will also discuss issues around the menopause.

Mr Grant gushed of his new role as he claimed it affects men and boys too and people regardless of gender in a nod to inclusivity toward a minority of young trans men.

No it doesn’t. Menstruation affects women and girls only. It’s not “inclusive” to hire a man to tell women about menstruation.

He told the Dundee Courier: “I’m absolutely buzzing about it. It’s definitely pioneering as Scotland is the first to do this. It’s about making people aware of the availability of period products for anyone of any gender, whenever they need it.”

But it’s not “people” in general who need to be made aware, it’s women only. It’s not “inclusive” to go out of your way to insult women.

“And it’s important whatever we do is done with dignity, so people know that there’s no judgement.”

Get out, sonny. This is none of your business. This is the opposite of dignity just as it’s the opposite of inclusion. Take your prurient “no judgement” somewhere else.

Mr Grant’s role is advertised online with a salary of between £33,153 and £36,126 a year on a fixed term contract running into 2024 – while it is expected other roles of this kind will be set up elsewhere.

All going to men?

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