Smoldering toxicity

Another snapshot of the ship slowly slowly changing course.

The chairwoman of the equalities watchdog has warned there is a “slow-burn toxicity” around trans rights as she urged campaign groups to co-operate with her.

Baroness Falkner of Margravine, chairwoman of the EHRC, said she had been surprised “by the saliency of the issue of sex and gender, and the balance of rights issues”.

She said it was “deeply unfortunate” that Stonewall and other LGBT groups had asked the UN to review the EHRC’s accreditation, noting that the attempt had been dismissed.

Her remarks come after publication of the EHRC’s guidance that organisations such as refuges and gyms can legally exclude transgender people from single-sex services in certain scenarios, such as to prevent trauma.

In other words the ruling idea here is that trans idenniny is more important than women’s trauma.

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