The bottom rung of the ladder

Julie Bindel on that “novel”:

Most of you, I suspect, will be unfamiliar with the work of self-professed ‘horror author’ and trans woman Gretchen Felker-Martin.

Latterly a little-known film and culture writer, Felker-Martin’s name reached wider circulation this week following the recent release of a debut novel — although not, it must be said, for the quality of the writing.

Felker-Martin’s work is highly disturbing for reasons that go much further than the characters and plot, which centres on two transgender women hunting down and killing ‘TERFs’ in a battle for survival.

Hunting down and killing radical feminist women, as one does.

Felker-Martin has apparently seen fit to exact a deeply unpleasant fictional revenge, depicting the successful writer’s gruesome death after being crushed by a burnt-down castle.

So here we are, arrived in a place where a mainstream publisher — Manhunt is published by Tor Nightfire, an offshoot of publishing giant Macmillan — sees fit to release a novel featuring aggressive and violent fantasies about a living, breathing woman.

And onlookers giggle and applaud and hug themselves in glee.

JK Rowling is someone who cares about people on the bottom rung of the ladder, whatever their creed or sexuality, and she uses her wealth, privilege and power to their benefit.

Her reward? To be hounded, villainised and now fictionally crushed to death to the delight of her blinkered hate-filled detractors.

The very worst thing is that the people who peddle this hatred and misogyny know the truth. They are quite aware JK Rowling isn’t bigoted, and that she is not the demon that they claim she is.

But she doesn’t bend the knee to their exciting new religion, and that merits a death sentence.

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