Sorry about the concussions

The Telegraph:

Scottish rugby chiefs have been accused of putting women and girls in danger after the country became the only part of the UK to allow male-bodied transgender players to compete against females in full-contact matches.

Scotland really hates women, doesn’t it. I guess because they won’t wheesht?

Rugby’s governing bodies in England, Wales and Ireland have recently changed their transgender policies to state that only people born as women can play in women’s matches, after peer-reviewed evidence showed male-born athletes retained significant physical advantages.

Next up: governing bodies will say only adults can play in adult matches, after peer-reviewed evidence showed adult athletes have significant physical advantages over children.

Existing rules state that female players must not be told they will be competing against a male-bodied opponent, denying them the chance to opt out of matches if they have safety concerns. Clubs face disciplinary action if they break the strict confidentiality rule.

That’s sadistic and murderous.

Scottish Rugby is believed to be consulting with the two trans players about the impact of any change, but has left the door open to continuing to allow trans women to compete in female matches.

I wonder if they’re consulting with women at all.

The current policy states that trans women and girls can be cleared to participate in full-contact games, provided testosterone levels have been below a certain threshold for 12 months.

That is so breathtakingly stupid. As if testosterone were the only variable.

World Rugby, the international governing body, stated in October 2020 that trans women who had begun male puberty should not be allowed to compete in women’s games as dangers to female players were “unacceptably high”.

It found male players were significantly bigger, stronger, heavier and faster, and that suppressing testosterone levels “removes only a small proportion” of large physical advantages of male-born competitors.

As everybody knows. Of course males are significantly bigger, stronger, heavier and faster.

Scotland needs to wake up.

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