Stacks to go through later

Former Trump people tell us he never did bother to learn how to handle documents.

A former Trump official told CNN that they were not surprised to hear that the National Archives found boxes with classified records that “were unfoldered, intermixed with other records, and otherwise unproperly (sic) identified.”

According to this source, the former President was known to walk around both the White House and Mar-a-Lago and pull documents out of boxes and look at them, then put them in other boxes or to the side, often with no method or reasoning to it. One source said that Trump was constantly putting things into stacks and leaving them around his office to go through later. These stacks often included everything from newspaper clippings to the Presidential Daily Briefing. 

Sources also said Trump would write notes on the back of other presidential documents — even when aides told him not to.

Another source described how Trump would show off presidential documents to visitors including the letters between himself and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, indicating how lax the protocol seemed to be around these documents.

This is one consequence of being both stupid and lazy. Trump is too stupid to grasp that being president isn’t the same as being the crooked head of a crooked real estate swindle. Trump is also too lazy to figure out that he’s too stupid to understand his change of jobs and too lazy to do the work to become slightly less stupid on the subject. You have to be really dim and incurious to think you treat official papers like so much scrap paper left over from printing contracts.

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