Step right up for the learning outcomes

A two hour workshop on how to be perfected:

Unlearning the Binary: Fostering a Truly Trans-Inclusive Campus

The campus is the University of Waterloo.

Workshop Description:

The purpose of the workshop is to help students, faculty and staff understand historical and present-day issues that impact trans and non-binary Black & racialized identities, debunk and de-mystify conversations around trans inclusion, and generate discussion on accountability frameworks and best practices to better affirm trans identities

It’s a two-fer. You can be helped to understand trans and race, all in just two hours.

Learning Outcomes:

• Describe the erasure, and impact of Black and racialized trans folks from history
• Unlearn the binary towards fully respecting/valuing someone’s lived identity
• Determine the protected rights for trans identities in line with the Ontario Human Rights Code and AODA
• Identify common manifestations of cisnormative and heteronormative practices and ideologies
• Evaluate trans specific individual, interpersonal, and institutional barriers
• Determine individual social location and its implications and biases
• Discuss ways to support and advocate for trans identified students, staff, faculty

That sounds like a lot for two hours.

Oh by the way I hope you weren’t expecting the prestigious presence of the facilitators.

This is an online workshop hosted on Zoom. The link to join will be sent to your inbox from the Human Rights, Equity and Inclusion Trainings email ( 48 hours prior to the workshop date.

A couple of people saying things on Zoom for a couple of hours. The things they will say sound kind of…hackneyed.

Oh well. Better than getting run over by a bus, maybe.

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