That obvious fact

Owen Jones has another correction for us.

Unrepresentative how? Well for one thing where are the yoof???! But he’s not ageist.

So anyway. For one thing most of the people in the photo are in shadow, so he can’t actually tell what they look like, so he can’t even judge how “representative” they are because he can’t see them. For a second thing why does he think he can tell how “representative” they are just by looking at a photo? For a third thing, of course they’re not “representative” of QT: they’re not trying to be. They don’t consider the Q and the T to be inextricably related to the LGB, in fact they consider it to be quite different.

I think all OJ really means is that what he can see of the people in that photo tells him they’re not as trendy and exciting and fun as he and his friends are.

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