The Family Groomer Show

The Guardian has a piece by the author of “The Family Sex Show” saying it was right-wingers who objected to onstage porn for 5-year-olds.

The show is called The Family Sex Show. Its aim is to reimagine the way we think and talk about relationships and sex.

And it’s for children. What could possibly go wrong?

It doesn’t seem to have crossed Josie Dale-Jones’s mind that responsible parents don’t necessarily want Josie Dale-Jones “reimagining” the way we think and talk about relationships and sex onstage for an audience of their children. Who is Josie Dale-Jones? What’s her expertise? What does she know about child abuse, pedophilia, child groping, child grooming, child rape? Why is it up to her to reimagine such things for small children?

Making it was a process of collaboration with a diverse group of people who have varied life experiences.

There again – yes, and? Does that make “it” either harmless or good for small children? Do we want a group of random strangers explaining sex to small children in a theater?

The show is a fun and playful performance made up of songs, dances and personal stories. It is about bodies and how society views them. It also explores themes including gender, sexuality, pleasure and boundaries.

Again. Not automatically or obviously a good thing. To be more specific, the very fact that this fool thinks it would be a good thing is enough to make me think no children should go near it.

But really, the show is about care and mutual respect – and it exists in the hope that it can be a part of breaking down some of the systems of oppression alive today.

Let me guess. Like the systems of oppression that say men shouldn’t be guiding children’s hands onto their penises?

As a performance, The Family Sex Show is an invitation to experience something together as a family (whatever family means to you), encourage questioning and signpost places for audiences to figure out answers for themselves.

“Whatever family means to you” – so that can be the kid’s groomer then. Awesome.

As a guardian, the show is designed to help open conversations with your child about relationships and sex.

As a guardian? The show is a guardian? Who appointed it a guardian, and what inquiries were made? Maybe it’s not a good idea to “help open conversations” about sex with whatever random adult has brought a 5-year-old to see this play as the child’s “whatever family means to you” family.

The stupidity and cluelessness of this piece are breathtaking. The Guardian’s publication of it is a sour joke.

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