Cast of characters

The Telegraph did a story on the mother, the support person, and the dog. It will be a Royal Court play next, then a 6 part series on Channel 4.

Stonewall’s witness interrupted Allison Bailey’s tribunal hearing on Tuesday so that their dog and mother could accompany them while giving evidence.

Actually it was dog and mother and support person who turned out to be a support solicitor i.e. an extra lawyer who was a surprise to the court. I think the court wasn’t best pleased.

[A]s Kirrin Medcalf, head of trans inclusion at Stonewall, was sworn in to give evidence via the online hearing before Employment Judge Sarah Goodman on Tuesday, the hearing was forced to break after he failed to warn the court that his dog and mother would be in the room.

And solicitor.

Ijeoma Omambala QC, Stonewall’s barrister, told the tribunal that the witness should have “periodic breaks” and that he had a “support person” with him while giving evidence.

And mummy and doggy.

However, Ben Cooper QC, representing Ms Bailey, interjected, saying he was unaware of the witness having “extra needs” and said it was “not proper” for such a last-minute change. He accused Stonewall’s legal team of “blindsiding”.

Judge Goodman said that if there was another person in the room accompanying the witness, then they would also need to be “in shot”. Ms Omambala then told the hearing that “all of” those currently in the room with Stonewall’s head of trans inclusion included his mother, support person and dog.

But not that “support person” is a solicitor?

“This is all new information,” Mr Cooper said, as Judge Goodman called a break for a few minutes so that the room could be rearranged, and the hearing resumed with the witness accompanied by his mother, his solicitor, and a dog. 

Why stop there? Why not his budgie and his hairdresser?

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