The fire next time

The future is here: the Guardian reminds us that a third of Pakistan is under water. Much of Pakistan is high mountains where people don’t live, but that won’t be the third that’s under water – so I’m guessing it’s substantially more than a third of the livable part of Pakistan. The photos are horrifying – rooftops and treetops and everything else water. Meanwhile cruise ships continue to burn their 80 thousand gallons a day.

As the UK’s Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) launched an appeal to raise funds for the 33 million people affected, the European Space Agency released stark images based on data captured by its Copernicus satellite.

Those pictures appear to confirm the Pakistani government’s assessment that more than a third of the country – an area roughly the size of the UK – has been submerged by monsoon rainfall, estimated to have been 10 times more severe than usual.

“The Indus River has overflowed, effectively creating a long lake, tens of kilometres wide,” Esa said in a statement.

This is the new normal.

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