Trump plans

Evil fascist wants to pardon the evil fascists who tried to impose a fascist takeover on what remains of the US:

Donald Trump said on Thursday he would pardon and apologize to those who participated in the deadly attack on the US Capitol on January 6 if he were elected to the White House again.

That’s nice. That’s charming. They killed several people, they tried to kill a bunch of legislators, they injured many, they wanted to overturn an election and install a corrupt idiot as dictator – the very same corrupt idiot who now threatens to apologize to them if we in the US are fascist enough to elect him a second time.

“I mean full pardons with an apology to many,” he told Wendy Bell, a conservative radio host on Thursday. “I will be looking very, very strongly about pardons, full pardons.”

If only he had ever looked very very strongly at a book long enough to learn how to say words correctly.

Five people died in connection with the attack and more than 140 law enforcement officers were injured.

Ssssssssh. It wasn’t BLM protesters who did it so it doesn’t count.

Trump also said he was offering financial support to some of those involved in the attack. “I am financially supporting people that are incredible and they were in my office actually two days ago, so they’re very much in my mind,” Trump said. “It’s a disgrace what they’ve done to them. What they’ve done to these people is disgraceful.”

It’s a “disgrace” to prosecute people for a violent attack on the government. Huh. I didn’t know that.

Trump’s comments came the same day that Thomas Webster, a retired New York police department officer, was sentenced to 10 years in prison, the longest sentence issued so far for any defendant in the attack, according to the Associated Press. A jury found Webster guilty after he argued he was acting in self-defense when he assaulted a Washington DC police officer and pulled his gas mask off.

“Some of the legal people on the other side, they’re the most cold-hearted people. They don’t care about families. They don’t care about anything,” Trump said Thursday.

Says the guy who tore thousands of children from their families on the southern border.

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