The real fight is not about pregnancy

The ignorance is staggering.

Not anti-women, just anti-women. Women aren’t allowed to get together to talk about women’s rights, that’s blatant hypocrisy and transphobia, and it’s not at all anti-women to say so.

Ahhhhh but what if we don’t call it “the LGBT community”? What then? What if we call it the LGB community? Changes everything, doesn’t it.

News flash: there is no law that we have to include the T. The reality is the T doesn’t have much in common with the L and the G, and it tends to do all the talking and certainly all the shouting, so a lot of people are fed up with the forced teaming.

But it gets even better.

For sure. I just can’t imagine why women would be talking about women’s rights at a moment when the Supreme Court is about to enshrine forced pregnancy in federal law. How selfish and narcissistic women are making it all about them. Let’s talk about how forced pregnancy affects men.

Do better! Stop making abortion rights all about women! Be inclusive of men when you talk about abortion rights!

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