The same opportunities

ITV is really knocking itself out on the Emily Bridges front.

I forgot to comment on ITV’s provocation in the previous post about this one. Of course he wants special treatment: he wants to be allowed to compete against women even though he’s a man. That’s very special, and very unfair to women.

And of course they’re not his “fellow female athletes,” because he’s not female. He’s cheating them out of wins, and then he has the gall to demand “the same opportunities” they have. The opportunities to lose to opportunistic (see what I did there?) men who cheat by pretending to be women? No, he doesn’t mean those opportunities, he means the opportunities to compete against women. He wants to compete against women but he certainly doesn’t want other men to do the same, not in any competitions he wants to win.

Of course he can’t emphathise with women. If he could he wouldn’t be cheating by competing against women. He doesn’t give a rat’s ass about women.

And no he’s not fighting against any patriarchal structures or attitudes. He’s fighting against feminist structures and attitudes.

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