Their profound disappointment

Jason Weinberg at Daily Nous is applauding from the sidelines again as another gender critical book is surrounded by the baying mob.

Two open letters are circulating regarding the decision of Oxford University Press to publish Gender-Critical Feminism, a forthcoming book by Holly Lawford-Smith, associate professor of philosophy at the University of Melbourne.

One letter, posted by Eugenia Zuroski of McMaster University (who notes that it was “very much a collaborative effort”), is from “members of the international scholarly community with a relationship of some kind, or several kinds, to Oxford University Press,” including authors, reviewers, series and journal editors, translators, instructors who teach OUP’s books, and readers. In the letter they express their “profound disappointment” with OUP’s decision to publish the book. They note that they are not aiming to “censor ideas” and do not call for the decision to publish the book to be reversed.

They just express their profound disappointment. Completely different thing.

Remember Eugenia Zuroski from last weekend? She was fun. Very scholarly.

Back to Daily Nous:

The authors are troubled by the book because, they write, “‘gender critical’ discourse attempts to deny transgender rights under the guise of scholarly inquiry,” and that it is

not a scholarly field, but a coordinated polemical intervention, unsubstantiated by peer-reviewed research in the fields of gender, sexuality, queer, and trans studies, that promotes itself by the deliberate sowing of public “controversy” without being held accountable for very real and dangerous consequences of these discourses for entire demographics of human beings.

The usual much-repeated jargon, in short. But they don’t want to censor ideas! Not at all!

Then there’s one from OUP employees who cheerfully say they do want to censor the book, then Weinberg says he doesn’t have time to say what he thinks. All very edifying and collegial.

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