They have been warned

Rhys McKinnon should just move to the UK; the policy of British Cycling would suit him perfectly. (No one else, but who else matters?)

British Cycling members have been warned that they will be censored and reprimanded if they have any criticism of their [British Cycling’s] newly updated 2020 “Transgender and Non-Binary Participation Policy.”

In reply to their Tweeted publication announcement the organization stated:

“We take a zero-tolerance approach to instances of hate being targeted at individuals because of their views or gender identity. This thread will be moderated, and if you’re aware of inappropriate or offensive behavior by our members please email”

“Inappropriate” and “offensive” probably means saying men are men.

There’s a list of Roles and Responsibilities:

all British Cycling employees, members, volunteers, affiliate clubs and Participants should:

• Welcome all Transgender and Non-Binary Participants, just as you would any other Participant;

• Treat all Transgender and Non-Binary Participants with dignity and respect, just as you would any other Participant;

• Respect the private and confidential nature of all Transgender and Non-Binary Participants’ situations and information;

• Accept all Participants in the gender they present; verification of their identity should be no more than expected of any other person;

• Report any incidents of inappropriate or offensive behaviour and language to the British Cycling Integrity and Compliance Department;

And so on and so on. Don’t you dare notice that men are competing on the women’s teams, don’t you dare object, don’t you dare ask any questions, and if anyone else does, rat’em out.

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