To be legally seen as their true

A petition to Parliament:

Make non-binary a legally recognised gender identity in the UK

Have non binary be included as an option under the GRP (Gender Recognition Panel)/ GRC (Gender Recognition Certificate), in order to allow those identifying as non binary to be legally seen as their true gender identity. As well as having ‘Non-binary’ be seen as a valid transgender identity.

What does it mean to be “legally seen as”? What does the government have to do with how people are “seen” or what people are “seen as”? What is the point of petitioning the government to make it possible for you to be “seen as” some meaningless category?

Why not just simplify this whole thing and petition the government to make it that everybody pays ALL ATTENTION to me me me me me me me all the time from here on out? The me me me me me of course is generic and universal: everybody would be paying all attention to all the me me me me mes under this arrangement. That way all the ravenous egos would be satisfied at last and we could go back to normal life. Except for the part about having to pay all our attention to everyone all the time.

There is no option of ‘Non-binary’ on legal forms, ignoring members of the population. This requires the government to pass a law that publicly recognises ‘Non-binary’ as a part of the GRP under the Gender Recognition Act, a.k.a a legal and valid gender identity option. By recognising Non-binary as a valid gender identity, it would aid in the protection of Non-binary individuals against transphobic hate crimes, and would ease Gender Dysphoria experienced by Non-binary people.

Are “non-binary” people especially subject to hate crimes? Does anyone even notice, or care? And how do “non-binary” people manage to experience Gender Dysphoria (which apparently gets capital letters now, to look more official)?

Can self-obsession get any more baroque and absurd?

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