The commandment of the age – don’t mention women. Just don’t, ok?

Smear test invitations should not refer to women as it is discouraging trans men from accessing cancer screenings, a new study has suggested.

Researchers said that gender neutral invitations should be used instead to encourage uptake from trans men to get screened.

While at the same time discouraging uptake from women.

Current NHS guidance means that anyone with a cervix between 25 and 64 is eligible for cervical screening, including trans men and non-binary people.

In other words women are eligible for cervical screening, of course including the ones who call themselves trans men or non-binary.

The new study, published in the British Journal of General Practice, polled trans men and non-binary people on their experiences.

Individuals told researchers that “most of the negative points of the experience came from the very women focused design and language” in leaflets.

Another person said that “documents I have seen… are very feminine and woman/she/her-centred, which would make me uncomfortable if I received them”. 

Oh grow up ffs. It’s just a bit of paper or an email. You’re not marrying it, you’re not living with it, it’s just some words about a preventive medical screening. Medical screenings are not yet another opportunity for identity-massaging. Get over yourself.

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