They’re all staring at you

As a flying horse, I know it’s not just horses that get Streptococcus equi.

As a nonbinary person, I know it’s not just women who get endometriosis

She doesn’t know that though, because she can’t, because it’s not true. Of course it’s “just” women who get endometriosis, on account of how it’s women only who have the endometrium. Just as you can’t have a broken leg unless you have at least one leg, you can’t have endometriosis if you don’t have a uterus. Men don’t have them; women do.

Imagine going to a specialist doctor and looking around the waiting room to see everyone is a different gender to you. They’re all staring at you, wondering why you’re there.

On the posters, in the magazines, behind the desk, in the chairs around you – no one looks like you.

As a nonbinary person with symptoms of endometriosis, this is my reality.

The article is accompanied by a photo and she doesn’t look like a man. She doesn’t even look very butch. She doesn’t look “feminine,” but come on now, so don’t lots of women, and that doesn’t make them some baffling third sex.

Around the same time my periods began to incapacitate my normal day-to-day life – when I was in university in Boston – I started to realise I was nonbinary (not strictly ‘girl’ or ‘boy’ but somewhere in the middle).

How does one “realise” such a thing? By spending too much time on Tumblr?

Experiencing menstruation as a trans person is bizarre because all of the horrible experiences that some cisgender women claim ‘make them a woman’ are experienced by trans men and nonbinary people daily.

That’s because trans men are women and some “nonbinary” people are women.

Also women don’t “claim” that menstruation “makes” us women, we just understand that it’s women who menstruate.

Even some trans women get monthly period cramps after being on hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

They may get some kind of cramping, but it ain’t period cramps.

Her story is sad, but not because she’s “non-binary.”

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