They’re normal, you’re weird

More on the “what is a woman?” non-question:

The Tate Modern has become engulfed in a transgender rights row after promoting a short film about the definition of “woman”.

Isn’t it interesting that it’s about the definition of woman? Not man? Not woman and man? Just woman? I think it’s very interesting. I think it’s fascinating that it’s only women who are up for debate in this intrusive, patronizing way. I just can’t take my eyes off the fact that men are allowed to go right on being men, but women are constantly interrogated and rebuked and hounded for continuing to know what women are and refusing to be told that we’re suddenly something else.

Some women protested, as well they might.

A spokesman for the group said: “We are here to say loudly and proudly to Tate Modern that women are adult human females. Many of us work with galleries and in the arts, and we know that stating this simple fact can lead to loss of work and harassment.

The Tate rejected the activists’ criticisms, telling The Telegraph: “We have chosen to screen a work that does not propose one perspective on the question of womanhood, but instead considers multiple perspectives.”

We don’t want multiple perspectives on “the question of womanhood,” we want womanhood to stop being a question. Never mind multiple perspectives on what we are, what about asking what men are? If you’re not asking about men, then why are you asking about women? Why is it only women who are suddenly so puzzling and question-worthy? Why do men get to skate past all of this whistling a cheerful tune?

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