To avoid upsetting

How exactly are we defining “discrimination” here?

Hospital managers have been warned they could be guilty of discrimination if they put transwomen in single rooms to avoid upsetting patients in female-only wards.

That’s bad stupid wording, that insinuates women are neurotic whiny bitches for not wanting men in women-only wards. Hospital managers have been warned they could be guilty of discrimination if they put men who claim to be trans in single rooms to avoid forcing them on women at the expense of the women’s safety, privacy, and comfort.

Also “have been warned” is pointlessly obscure. Why not say who did the “warning” in the lede?

Guidance for Scotland’s biggest health board also says that any woman who complains about a transwoman sharing their ward should be advised that “the ward is indeed female-only and that there are no men present”.

It comes as ministers have asked health boards around the country to explain how they accommodate trans patients, with some campaigners concerned that the trans-rights agenda could put the safety of women in female-only spaces at risk.

More crappy wording. There’s no “could” about it: of course the “agenda” to force men on women in women-only wards will put the women’s safety at risk.

The campaign group For Women Scotland (FWS) described the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde guidance as “gaslighting and insulting”.

None of your silly journalistic circumlocution for them.

A spokeswoman said: “No ill and vulnerable woman wants to wake up from an operation to find a bloke staring at her from the next bed. If the NHS can’t tell the difference between a male body and a female body then it really is in dire straits.”

Sadly, we know the NHS can tell the difference, and is choosing to ignore it for the sake of a trendy but stupid ideology.

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