To convey a degree of seriousness

Monster egotist promises to continue monster egotistical plans. Now there’s a surprise.

Donald Trump is expected to announce his 2024 presidential campaign on Tuesday night as planned, according to multiple sources close to the former US president, inserting himself into the center of national politics as he attempts to box out potential rivals seeking the Republican nomination.

Of course he is. He’s bored.

Trump’s remarks were being finalized late into the night with a pair of speechwriters and his political team, the sources said, with aides keen for the former president to convey a degree of seriousness as he seeks voters to elevate him to a second term in the White House

You mean a degree of sounding like a grownup as opposed to a petulant noisy child? Don’t be silly.

The group urging a delay feared that Trump could sink the Senate runoff for Republicans as he is widely considered to have done in 2020, when he focused on his own angry complaints about the 2020 election rather than helping the party’s two candidates, who both ended up losing.

You can’t have it both ways. If you choose, with your eyes open, a furious narcissist as your party’s top guy, it’s silly to expect him to stop acting like a furious narcissist just because he will ruin everything for you. You brought him, you take him home.

To get ahead of rivals, reinforce his status as the frontrunner for the Republican nomination, and if nothing else, seize the limelight, Trump has been itching for some time to launch his 2024 campaign and has already started laying the groundwork for the effort.

Seize the limelight above all. He’s been out of it for two years, he misses it desperately.

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