Toxic Ivy

I listened to the Trans Women in Sport segment of Today, which starts at about 1 hour 40 minutes and ends at 1:48. It’s not a conversation between “Veronica Ivy” and Sharron Davies; Ivy gets a segment and then Davies gets one.

Ivy says around 1:41: “Here’s the thing about Emily in particular: because she was a member of the British Cycling academy, they have years of her power data, they know how much her power numbers went down, so they know for a fact that she does not have an unfair competitive advantage.”

Wait. What? Emily’s numbers went down, therefore it’s a fact that he does not have an unfair competitive advantage. But we don’t know how much the numbers went down, or how they compare to women’s numbers. A mere “Emily’s numbers went down” tells us nothing.

That’s especially true because we already know that such numbers go down a little, but we also already know that the gap is large, which is why women’s sports exist. We also already know, and the presenter points out to Ivy, that much of male physical advantage is baked in: males are bigger, heavier, with bigger bones, wider shoulders, straighter thighs, bigger rib cages, yadda yadda.

In short, Doctor Ivy bullshits his share of the discussion.

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