The gender playfuls get extra paid time off so haha suckers!

Coles supermarket has announced that team members undergoing gender affirmation will now be entitled to up to 10 days paid gender affirmation leave.

Gender affirmation? Is that what we’re calling it now? It’s not transition any more? No, of course not, it wouldn’t be, would it, because that would imply change, when the gender is eternal. But why does one need time off for affirmation of what one already is? Can everyone get affirmation? So everyone gets 10 days off with pay, i.e. an extra two week vacation?

The retail giant said the policy change was an important step in its commitment to champion inclusion in the workplace.

Inclusion of what?

Why does “inclusion” always mean gender-special people and not, say, women?

“We know that we have at least 900 team members who identify as transgender or gender diverse,” Coles Chief Legal and Safety Officer and chair of the Coles Pride Steering Committee David Brewster said.

And they’re all desperately in need of two weeks off? More in need than all the other “team members” aka workers?

“We need to have proper policy and education in this area so there is clear guidance around taking leave for this important transition in their life.”

Transition? What happened to affirmation?

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