Will the real feminist please stand up

Nicola Sturgeon says JK Rowling isn’t a feminist, she (Sturgeon) is.

Like hell.

Nicola Sturgeon has suggested that JK Rowling is not a “real feminist” as she lashed out at the Harry Potter author’s accusation that she is a “destroyer of women’s rights” over her plan to allow people to self-identify their legal gender.

Lash out all you want but if you take women’s rights away you’re not a feminist.

In a rebuke to Ms Rowling, Ms Sturgeon said that “real feminists as I consider myself to be” focus on the “real” threats to women posed by abusive men and “lawmakers who want to take away our rights”.

Trans women are abusive men. What they’re currently doing to women is highly abusive.

She argued that predatory men that attempted to abuse the process to gain access to women’s safe spaces, such as female changing rooms, would be guilty of a criminal offence.

Yes and Sturgeon would have smoothed the way for them.

Plus the fact that it’s a “criminal offence” means pretty much nothing, given that rape itself is almost never prosecuted in the UK. If rape isn’t prosecuted does she think invading women’s toilets will be?

Dismissing opposition to the Bill, which attracted a huge protest from women’s rights campaigners this week outside the Scottish Parliament, she said scrapping it would be “further stigmatising and discriminating against a tiny group in our society that is already one of the most stigmatised”.

Is that even true any more? If it is, it’s certainly not the whole truth: the tiny group is also one of the most glorified and pampered and flattered. Women are told to shut up and fuck off and go away while men who call themselves women are wrapped in cotton wool and given ice cream.

Asked on BBC Radio Four’s Today programme whether she was a “destroyer of women’s rights”, Ms Sturgeon said: “No, I’ve spent my entire life campaigning for women’s rights and am a passionate feminist with lots of evidence behind that.”

But she’s now setting fire to women’s rights, so I really don’t give the tiniest shit about her biography.

“Men are the risk to women, not trans women. Any man who seeks to abuse any process to attack women, we should deal with that. We shouldn’t stigmatise further an already stigmatised group of people,” she said.

Trans women are men. Trans women now are also men who have been enthusiastically encouraged to shout and rage and fume at women who fail to agree that they’re women, so yes, trans women damn well are a risk to women. Repeating the stupid mantras accomplishes nothing.

Ms Sturgeon said there were “many, many real threats” to women such as physical and sexual attacks and the removal of abortion and reproductive rights in countries such as Iran.

“There are no shortage of attacks on women that feminists, real feminists as I consider myself to be should be focusing on right now,” she added.

“The threat to women in our society today is not from trans women. It is from abusive men and from lawmakers who want to take away our rights and that is what we should be focusing on.”

But she’s one of them – she’s one of those lawmakers taking away our rights. She’s helping abusive men who claim to be women abuse women.

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