Always call it “gender-affirming care”

Let the mutilations continue.

Ohio’s Republican governor has vetoed legislation that would have barred transgender youth from receiving gender-affirming care, he said Friday. Signing the bill would “be saying that the state, the government” knows what’s better for youth than their parents, Gov. Mike DeWine said.

So there should be no laws against beating children, or torturing them, or locking them up in a dark cold basement room, or putting them to work in factories at age 5. Parents always know better, so there should be no child protection laws or institutions at all.

Also, it makes a difference what you call it. “Gender-affirming” makes it sound wholesome and nice. Non-medical genital mutilation and mastectomy don’t sound quite so nice.

The legislation would have prohibited gender-affirming care for trans and nonbinary youth, including hormone blockers, hormone replacement therapy, medical or surgical procedures and some mental health services.

That’s because hormone blockers, hormone replacement therapy, medical and surgical procedures are very drastic things to do to children and teenagers, and they’re done in service to a comparatively new and fanciful ideology that claims physical sex is changeable.

The bill also sought to prohibit transgender [male] athletes from taking part in female sports.

Because it’s not fair to females. Apparently the governor of Ohio doesn’t care about that.

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